Why did I choose “Jay The Analyst” as a name?


I have been asked over and over again, what are you analyzing? My answer used to be, “Everything!” I thought the answer was so vague and not unique. I first thought of the name during the Spring of 2010. I was at a point in my life where I thought that I needed a brand. I wanted to gain more exposure and notoriety.  I needed something unique and something that wasn’t typical. One day, it popped in my head “Jay The Analyst.” That rings a bell to me! It is a conversation starter and I creates curiosity. Here’s  a breakdown of the name.

What is an analyst?

In my understanding, it is someone who gets down to the nitty gritty with thinking and reasoning. I tend to think and focus about things that people look over. I question things and I wonder why things are how they are at the moment. So basically, an analyst is more of a detail-oriented technical person.

What is the motive?

Originally when I thought of the name it was to gain more exposure and notoriety. I wanted my name to be known. Especially for potential employers. At first I was doing it for vain reasons. Over the years I changed and search to really find myself. I can be great but not for personal gain. My motive is to analyze and inform people of my point of view on situations and information. We do live in the information age, but I do intend on giving people a practical view on what they don’t understand.

The evolution of the brand

Jay The Analyst is now a company. It consists of marketing, telecom and personal services. I see this company as a tool to help others to succeed in life and business. This is only the beginning and I can see many lives being changed as a result of the vision. Stay tuned!


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Jay The Analyst

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