What Does Freedom Mean to You?

what does freedom mean to you

What does freedom mean to you?

To walk away from your JOB that you are a slave to?

To retire at a young age and pursue the dream of traveling the world?

To live in a country like Costa Rica or Brazil?

What does freedom mean to you?

Is freedom to you being able to be a Pastor of a dynamic life changing ministry?

How about having the money to fund a mission trip?

What does freedom mean to you?

Is freedom when you’re able to say “yes” to your kids when they ask for a toy at Toys R Us?


When you are able to pickup your kids from school everyday and you don’t have to worry about a job to get back to?

What does freedom mean to me?

It means that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want. Check out this video from the Empower Network “Don’t Be A Wussy” event in Denver, CO by Justin Verrengia. He talks about freedom and what it means to him.

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