The Guru’s Guide To Creating Ultimate Capture Pages For Your Business Opportunity

ultimate capture pages

In order to stand out in your business opportunity, you must create ultimate capture pages. Why? When you join a business, you get generic marketing materials from that company. Those generic marketing materials could consist of flyers, business cards, web pages, and capture pages. These marketing materials are good, don’t get me wrong. The problem is almost all of the people in your business opportunity are using these materials. This makes it difficult to stand out in your business.

In order to stand out in your business, you must start creating ultimate capture pages to position yourself as the Guru in your niche. In the following video, I give you a step by step tutorial that teaches you exactly how to create the ultimate capture page for your business opportunity. Enjoy!

The Guru’s Guide To Creating Ultimate Capture Pages For Your Business Opportunity

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Define The Purpose Of Your Capture Page


Before you start creating your ultimate capture page you must define the purpose of the capture page. What do you want to give your visitor after they opt-in? An ebook? A video? You must begin with the end in mind.


Choose The Right Platform


You must have a platform for creating capture pages. I personally use LeadPages (This is what is used in the video) as the platform for my capture pages. You can get LeadPages here.


Choose A Template


When you choose your platform (like LeadPages), choose a template that best fits the purpose of your capture page.


Create The Content For Your Capture Page


After you have chosen your template, start placing your content that’s going to compel your prospect to opt-in to your ultimate capture page.


Polish Up On The Design Of Your Capture Page


After you have created your compelling content, tweak the design and colors of the page to influence the prospect to opt-in.


Connect Your Capture Page To Your Email Autoresponder


I explain exactly how to do this in my video training series. To get this tutorial and the full series, click here and put in your email address. The videos will be sent directly to you.

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