This Ninja Email Marketing Tip Will Boost Your Conversions (Hint: Don’t be colorblind)

boost email marketing conversions

Having trouble converting sales with your email marketing? You’re in the right place! Thanks to my friends over at The 7Lemons Agency, I have been able to boost engagement from my email list.

I stumbled upon a blog post from The 7Lemons Agency and the following infographic was shown to me:

email marketing tip


I know that this infographic applies to logo design, but the same concept can be implemented into email marketing.

What to do to boost your email marketing conversions?

Use the picture above and spice up the emails you are sending to your list. Here’s a screenshot of an email I sent to my list:

boost email marketing conversions


As you can see, I created a sense of urgency and trust by implementing red and blue in my email. This email created more interest and possibly more conversions to come in the future.

I would show you more sample emails, but I would be giving away the whole farm by doing that. But I can offer you a chance to get more training from me.

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Make it a great day!

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