This box has been sitting on my desk for a few months now

 photo 20140206_143125.jpg

This box here has been a my desk
for a few months now. (PIC above)

Every once in a while, I get questions

“Why is your stuff packed?”

“Why don’t you have pictures to decorate your cube?”

I have this box packed because I’m prepared.

Prepared to move into something better.

I remember hearing a story about actor
Charles S. Dutton (Remember the show

He talked about being in prison and he
talked about why he didn’t get put back
in prison (statistically most offenders go
back to prison).

He said,

“I didn’t make my prison cell a home.”


Meaning, he didn’t decorate his cell with
pictures and things.

Once your start giving things a homely
feeling, you start to feel comfortable.

I’m not saying that my job is bad, I have
decided to do something that gives me life.

I’m just preparing for that day.

In all, if you’re in an uncomfortable situation,
don’t make yourself comfortable in it.

Get in position to make a move…

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Make it a great day!

- Jay The Analyst Foster
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