The Number One Cause of Divorce is Money: 21 Money Moves That Should Be Done (Video)

Before Kendra and I were married, we attended marriage classes to help prepare us for marriage. One of the main subjects that was mention during class was money being the number one cause of divorce. I was concerned about the issue because I didn’t want money to be an issue in our marriage. Even though marriage has it’s  ups and downs, I didn’t want money to be the breaking point for us. I know that I’m always talking about getting your finances in order and staying focused. Some people do not know how to get their finances in order, especially in marriage.

Why could money be the number one cause of divorce?

It could be a few things that cause the number one cause of divorce to be money.

  • Lack of communication about money
  • Lack of misunderstanding about money
  • Different views about money
  • Past experiences of poverty
  • Fear
  • Greed
  • This list can go on!

To keep from being in the “Number One Cause of Divorce” statistic

Here are a few moves that married couples should make. This was actually a teaching by my late Bishop Otis Lockett Sr. He taught the class a few weeks before he died. These principles can also be applied to single or unmarried people. Check out the video.

21 Money Moves For Married Couples by Bishop Otis Lockett Sr.


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