The Exodus From Egypt to the Promised Land: Financial Bondage to Financial Freedom

I was listening to an Empower Network Inner Circle audio last week. Marketing guru, Tracey Walker was telling her story on how she transitioned from being an employee to being a business owner. What stuck out to me the most was when she went through a foreclosure. She didn’t have any money and in her mind, going back to the job wasn’t an option for her. I thought about the children of Israel who were brought out of Egypt were being led by Moses to the promised land. During the transition, there was a bunch of complaining and trials. Some wanted to go back to the bondage that they were rescued from. Why would they want go back? They were not used to the lifestyle change that was happening. Even though Egypt wasn’t good for them, it was a familiar place to them. Just like people who want financial freedom, they just can’t get through the trial so they return back to their comfort zone or to the place that they came  from because it is so familiar.

Freedom is a state of mind

I heard a story about the bear that was captured from the wild and put into a zoo. The bear was put into a cage. At first, the bear would go crazy. It would beat on the cage and continuously attempt to escape. The bear would even try to attack the zoo keeper at feeding time. Fast forward to 2 months later. This same bear has calmed down. It basically gave up it’s drive to get free from the cage. The bear was used to being in the cage and made it their home. Give another few months. The zoo keeper takes the cage off of the animal. The bear was so used to being captive, it would only go as far as the cage had provided before. It was like an invisible force field that the bear would stay within. This is crazy, the bear was so used to being captive, it didn’t even know that it was free. That is how some people live their lives!

Maintain your freedom

No matter how and crazy things get, don’t give up your freedom. It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable you are, don’t give up your freedom. The reward is so much bigger if you stay focused on your goals and continue to press towards the mark. I know it may seem like it was better back then, just remember why you are doing what you doing and think about the reward.

My Journey

When I leave my job, I’m not going back to being an employee. I know trials may arise, but I will stay focused on the dream, the vision and the goal. I don’t believe in taking steps backwards. I do believe in not forgetting where I came from. Because if you forget where you came from, you will not appreciate where you’re at.


Make it a great day!
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