The Chromebook will be a great investment for bloggers

Lately I have been contemplating and searching for my next computer. My current computer needs a few hardware tweaks to bring it up to speed. I currently use it for many things: blogging, surfing, and my cell phone work. I honestly want something with more speed because I will be doing a bunch of online work.

Last weekend, I was in Greenville, NC all day for a wedding. My wife was doing the makeup for the occasion. I left my laptop at home, so I was bored. I stopped by Best Buy just to take a look at a few laptop. I ran across the Samsung Chromebook. It was beautiful! What stuck out to me was the affordable price of $249. I thought to myself, this has a cloud based operating system that caters to doing most things online. I also thought, what if I need to do other things besides anything internet based? You know what, I can have two notebooks. One for my blogging, internet marketing, and internet surfing; and one for my cell phone work and running other Windows applications. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea. It can increase my productivity and speed of production by purchasing the computer alone. Well, I didn’t make the purchase that day because I’m very financially conscious. But I would like to mention the benefits of making this investment for bloggers:

Cloud Storage

This is very beneficial when it comes to important documents. This can help out as a backup just in case of a major computer crash. The Chromebook comes with 100GB of Google Drive space FREE for 2 years ($5/month after).

Computer Speed

The Chromebook boots in 10-20 seconds! It doesn’t have to load many programs like a Windows PC does. It boots and you can get to straight to work!

Great Pricing

Chromebooks start at $200 and up. Very affordable to someone who the blogger so they can:

  • Browse the internet
  • Write blogs and publish them
  • Record videos via webcam
  • Access email
  • Write drafts for blog posts


This device will be very beneficial for the blogger, entrepreneur, etc. Once I get mine I will post a review on my experience. To get a Chromebook, go HERE!


Make it a great day!
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