The Blog Beast Will Arrive On Friday 10/18/13!

Blog Beast Redemption

I am happy to announce that my company, Empower Network, will release the Blog Beast on Friday 10/18/13 at 3:00 PM EST. Empower Network has put millions of dollars into developing the Blog Beast blogging platform. This is a huge milestone for my company and I am happy to release the Blog Beast blogging system. Here’s what Empower Network Co-Founder, David Wood, has to say about the Blog Beast launch:

You know, when I started Empower Network with David Sharpe in 2011, neither of us really knew how big the vision would get, and how fast.

Scrambling to just get the site up and running in 2011 in a room with a hand full of people working tirelessly, around the clock…

…we finally launched October 31st, 2011 — with a boot strapped website held together with ‘PHP duck-tape’.

The next 8 or 9 months were spent fixing things that were breaking. Servers, code crashes, merchant crashes, waves of criticism, and then…

…we hire our COO, Jerry Ballard around our second event out in California — Fight the forces of Evil 2011.

And we keep hiring… and hiring… and hiring… and today:

Our infrastructure is made up of over 100 employees, working virtually and in house — around the world.

Our customer base contains nearly 200,000 people, in over 100 countries around the world.

We’ve done over $70 million in sales world wide, and this month are holding FOUR regional events in different parts of the United States.

You guys stuck with us — through good times, and struggles — through corporate struggles, and personal ones. Through the light — and through the darkness just the same.

And now, 2 years later, we’re coming up on Halloween 2013, and we are getting ready to launch a product that has been my brain child since about 2 months after launch, when we hired some interface designers to help us create what we call now “The Blog Beast“.

It WILL be the biggest launch in the history of the internet, but even that is just the start of something greater, bigger, and more powerful.

The question is not what I am going to do, and it is not what Empower Network, LLC is going to do.

The question is:

What are YOU going to do.

I will stick with you through thick and thin.

Through corporate difficulties.

Through personal attacks.

And I am here for ONE PURPOSE:

To help you live your dream.

So let’s rock this. The cart goes live tomorrow at 3pm EST, along with video 4.

It’s time to lock arms now with us, and fight the forces of evil.

You ready?


As you can see, this is big!

The Blog Beast is available for purchase at 3:00 PM EST on Friday 10/18/13

In the meantime, check out our movie titled, Blog Beast Redemption HERE.

blog beast redemption video 3

blog beast redemption video 2


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