Student makes $13k in a single day! Are YOU next?

Are you ready to hear a story that will blow your mind?

As you already know, I get to work along side some amazing marketers who like me, personally mentor very motivated entrepreneurs to help them make six figure incomes working from home.

Of course not everyone is guaranteed to make a six-figure income just because we show them what to do.

They still need to take massive action.

Like one of my friends, Peter Sorensen.

Pete Sorensen


I can remember it like it was yesterday, Peter sharing with me how he lost it all in the real estate market and how even just a year ago he was still struggling to pick up the pieces.

Well for several months now, after making it up in his mind that he was going to rebuild the life of his dreams…

Guess what?

He’s doing EXACTLY what he said he’d do…

He’s been to every company event…

Consistently built his business even when others told him he’d fail…

and he has been a great example of someone who believes in the art of Massive Action.

Now I am proud to share that Peter has achieved his best day of financial success as an internet marketer, by raking in over $13,000 in a single day!

Here is a quick snapshot of when Chris and Peter forwarded the text message to share the good news…

pete sorensen text


That puts him well over $20,000 for the month, and that’s not even the best part.

He is earning this income while living in Costa Rica!

A few months ago he decided that he was tired of just “dreaming” of traveling the world, and he decided to Take Action on it!

So he moved down to Costa Rica with some friends, and has been building his business while enjoying his life!


How would YOU feel if you made $13k in a day?

Are you at a place in your life where you are ready to stop talking about what you want to do and start creating the results that you truly deserve?

Are you coachable?

Are you highly motivated?

If you are serious about wanting to be my next personal mentoring student, then here are 3 steps for you to do RIGHT NOW to take immediate action.


1)  Watch this short video…It’s the same video  Peter, myself and so many other marketers said yes to that has allowed us to have such major financial breakthroughs online!!

2)  Subscribe to my Facebook Profile so that we can stay connected there.

3)  Email me through Contact Page the letting me know that you have completed the first 2 steps, and then leave me a DETAILED  RESPONSE as to why you make a good apprentice.

…Share with me specifics, like how much money you are looking to make, what you currently do for a job, where you live, etc.

…Share with me what type of investment capital you might be able to put towards some killer online advertising, and also share any technical skills you may or may not have.


If you are partnered directly with me in Empower Network, that will make it even easier, since I am already doing consistent training to my direct partners.

Join Jay Foster in Empower Network Here!


Let’s lock arms and create some amazing results.  I’m looking to set up a win/win situation.  Where we make money together.

This isn’t charity.

It’s not a handout.

This will take hard work, but at the same time it can produce some amazing rewards.

If you are ready to take massive action and partner up in business together, then I look forward to hearing back from you!


Be Bold, Stop Waiting & Take Action!!


Make it a great day!
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