4 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Is your job wearing you down? Do you feel that every day you go to your job isn’t of purpose? Do you sit and think, “there’s got to be more to life than this.” It may be time for you to quit your job and step into something else. Us as humans tend to hold on something that brings a lot of pain because of the benefits it brings. People keep their jobs because it is their only source of income and they are afraid of what would happen if their were to quit their job. Some people don’t even recognize that they are hurting themselves. I decided to shine the light a give you 4 signs you should quit your job.

4 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

When You Hate Waking Up In The Morning

Signs You Should Quit Your Job

I have dealt with this one before. If the alarm clock rings and you’re slow to get out of the bed, it may be a sign you should quit your job. Why? It’s about your attitude when you wake up. You may be thinking in your head about the things you may have to go through during the day. You may be thinking about:

  • The drive to work
  • The pain
  • The long 8 hour shift you have to work before you relax again

When You Get The “Sunday Night Blues”

Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Many people develop this condition. The “Sunday Night Blues” is a feeling you get on Sunday night. You start to feel sick. Your stomach may start hurting or you may start develop a very uncomfortable feeling. This comes from the thought of having to go to your job the next day to do something you really don’t want to do to get something you really want. This is a MAJOR sign you should quit your job.

When You Have A “Show Up And Get Paid” Attitude

I call this, “going through the motions.” This is when you just show up to your job and do just enough to get paid. This can be very toxic in the long run!

When Your Mind Is Never Set On Your Job

Signs You Should Quit Your Job

If you find yourself steady daydreaming and you find yourself a bit unattached at your job, it’s time to find a new career. This can be the same as the “show up and get paid” attitude. If your mind isn’t there, you work ethic suffers. It’s time to make a change!

You may feel that you are out of alignment with your purpose in life and you feel that you want to do something more productive. If these 4 Signs You Should Quit Your Job has enlightened you to do something different. You can start the process of quitting your job by doing the following steps:

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Answer the questionnaire on the page.

Put in your email address.

Click the “YES! Let me in button

Watch the video.

Get started on the journey to quitting your job!

Make it a great day!
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