Rich Habits: The 20 Habits Of Wealthy People

Rich Habits: The 20 Habits Of Wealthy People

So you want to be rich? In order to accomplish this task, you have to start doing rich habits. I read many books, articles and blogs and I have learned that rich people do things a lot different than poor people.

Don’t quote me on the statistics, but 1% of the nation are the most wealthy individuals and they have over 90% of the nation’s wealth. This shows that they must know and do things a lot differently. If you want to be rich, you need to study and do the habits of wealthy people.

What are rich habits?

I can give you a few rich habits that I can think of at the moment.

  • Rich people read books
  • Rich people have mentors
  • Rich people don’t complain

Those are just a few habits of wealthy people but I did run into a list of things that the rich do every day. I found it through Dave Ramsey’s blog which included an interview with’s Tom Corely. It was a list of 20 things the rich do every day that the poor don’t do. I must say, I have a few things I need to work on. Here’s the list:

Rich Habits: The 20 Habits Of Wealthy People

rich habits: The 20 Habits of wealthy people

1. 70% of wealthy eat less than 300 junk food calories per day. 97% of poor people eat more than 300 junk food calories per day. 23% of wealthy gamble. 52% of poor people gamble.

2. 80% of wealthy are focused on accomplishing some single goal. Only 12% of the poor do this.

3. 76% of wealthy exercise aerobically 4 days a week. 23% of poor do this.

4. 63% of wealthy listen to audio books during commute to work vs. 5% for poor people.

5. 81% of wealthy maintain a to-do list vs. 19% for poor.

6. 63% of wealthy parents make their children read 2 or more non-fiction books a month vs. 3% for poor.

7. 70% of wealthy parents make their children volunteer 10 hours or more a month vs. 3% for poor.

8. 80% of wealthy make hbd calls vs. 11% of poor

9. 67% of wealthy write down their goals vs. 17% for poor

10. 88% of wealthy read 30 minutes or more each day for education or career reasons vs 2% for poor.

11. 6% of wealthy say what’s on their mind vs. 69% for poor.

12. 79% of wealthy network 5 hours or more each month vs. 16% for poor.

13. 67% of wealthy watch 1 hour or less of TV. every day vs. 23% for poor

14. 6% of wealthy watch reality TV vs. 78% for poor.

15. 44% of wealthy wake up 3 hours before work starts vs. 3% for poor.

16. 74% of wealthy teach good daily success habits to their children vs. 1% for poor.

17. 84% of wealthy believe good habits create opportunity luck vs. 4% for poor.

18. 76% of wealthy believe bad habits create detrimental luck vs. 9% for poor.

19. 86% of wealthy believe in life-long educational self-improvement vs. 5% for poor.

20. 86% of wealthy love to read vs. 26% for poor


I know it’s a lot to take in. By analyzing the list, these habits are what the average person thinks are stupid or abnormal. Many of these rich habits are things that we neglect or are just too lazy to do.

You should ask yourself this question: “How bad do you want to make a lifestyle change and be rich?”

It’s time to start doing the habits of wealthy people. You can start by discovering what my team is all about by clicking here.

Make it a great day!
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