Offline Business Is Turning Into Online Business In 2014. Don’t Get Left Behind!

Offline business to online business don't get left behind

I was on a call on Monday night. A top earner in the online business arena was sharing some value on the importance of moving from an offline business to an online business. He said something very profound about how business is going to turn out in 2014. He said:

“By 2014, there will be 2 types of businesses.

Those that are Online and those that are out of business.” – Aaron Rashkin

I have been meditating on this quote and it prompted me to enlighten you on the evolution of business. I don’t want you to get left behind in 2014.

I have a few examples on why it is important for you business to develop an online presence in 2014.

Offline Businesses Moving Online

Since we are in the information age, I wanted to touch on a market that is booming when it comes to online business. The product that is heavily pushed online are simply just “books.”

Look who got left behind a few years ago!

borders out of business

Yep! Borders Book Stores!

With many authors and publishers turning to eBooks, this store chain couldn’t keep up!

There is one offline business that I can think of right now that has adapted to the online business arena.

You have probably guessed it!

Barnes And Noble

barnes and noble online business

nook online business

This business adapted to the surge of online business by marketing the Nook product. This is very popular since it’s so easy and quick to purchase and download books on the go! The other good thing is that the Barnes and Noble stores are still alive and kickin’!

Look who also got left behind!

Blockbuster Video

Blockbuster closing

There are no more Blockbuster Video stores in my city. Blockbuster Video is now just online only and kiosks just like the RedBox.


You can give credit to Netflix for helping contribute to the online business boom!


As you all know, Netflix, as far as I know, was the first company to offer rental through the internet and to also offer online streaming of movies.

How to not get left behind in business in 2014

Times are changing! Times are changing at a rapid rate. Here are a few tips to keep from being left behind in 2014:

  • Start a blog
  • Get on social media
  • Offer products online
  • Start a home based business (if you’re not in business yet)

With that being said, if you are not in business, you can start a home based business that is strictly in the online business arena.

You can start by…..

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Make it a great day!
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