My Goals For 2014 – January 2014 Report

2014 goals

Well, I’m 1 month in to my 2014 goals. After analyzing my goal progress this month I noticed that I’m a little slow starting out the gate. I just started getting back in the gym last week. I also had to recalculate my net worth to make sure that it is accurate.

What happened in January?

I went on a 2 week hiatus from my job. I haven’t had much time off lately and I took the time to relax. This is the first time in a while that I haven’t felt stressed. I remember saying to myself, “If I had so much time off, I would spend that time being productive.” Well, that didn’t happen. I was mostly relaxing. I did a little productive work from time to time. But I just needed time to relax from working so much. I was also going through a crisis (will talk more about this in another blog post).

Goal progress for January

I’m not going to write a long blog post giving a summary of what’s going on with each goal. I’m just going to highlight the goals that I want to talk about this month. To view my goals, click here!

Weigh 190 LBS (12/31/14)

start a fitness blog

(This is the gym I attend!)

I finally decided to get back in the gym last week. To keep myself motivated, I decided to start a fitness blog. On this blog, I will track my workouts, goals and success. I may even mention a few recipes and supplements. To view my fitness blog, click here!

Read 24 books (12/31/14)

I’m supposed to be at least on book two as of today. Remember, I said I spent most of the month relaxing? I’m at the end of my current book, “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” by Catherine Ponder. If you want to keep up with my reading progress, click here to check out the books I’m reading.

Take at least 4 vacations (12/31/14)

I’m still recovering from my disappointment in not making it the Miami, Florida for the Empower Network “Freedom” Event. It’s all good, I will definitely be at the next event.

I see that I have to get more focused in February. I can’t wait to give you a spectacular update on what happened in February. To stay in the loop of things and to download my FREE “Goals” eBook, put in your email in the form to the right of this blog post.

Make it a great day!
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