My Business Has Expanded. I Joined MCA!

I have been doing my usual marketing on social networks. I just keep seeing these pictures of money and MCA cards. I see many young people making the shift and doing things differently. They are successful indeed! I did some research on the company. I took a look at their business model to see if it was legit. I liked what I saw. It is more of a referral based model. Motor Club of America is a great tool to help young folk achieve financial freedom. I just had to join the revolution.

Why I Joined MCA

I joined MCA for a few reasons. I just want to get to the point. I know I do a few other companies and I have my reasons. Here we go.

The benefits are awesome

My great uncle was always on me about not having some type of roadside assistance. I realized how irresponsible that is and I couldn’t risk being in a bind with my wife in the car with my. Some action needed to be taken. MCA offers a great plan for $19.95 a month with also a chance to make money while enjoying the benefits. Here is a video and rundown of MCA’s benefits:


24-hr roadside assistance in any vehicle you occupy

Free gas delivery if you run out of gas

Free locksmith service if you get locked out of vehicle

Free towing up to 100 miles

$5000 reward for the recovery of your vehicle

$2,000 Attorney Assistance

$25,000 Bail Bond Assistance

$1,000 Credit Card Protection

$500 Travel ER Assistance

$54,000 YEARLY hospital benefits

$50,000 Accidental Death Coverage

Hotel/Rental Car Assistance

Speeding Ticket Assistance

Deep discounts on prescriptions, dental and vision

and much much more…..

The compensation is great

Like I said before, you can make money while enjoying the benefits. Motor Club of America is paying out $80 for every new member you sign up and you get $6 for every member they sign up. That’s a lot of money to get on the front end. Just think, you refer 5 people, you get $400. Sounds pretty good to me! Here’s a detailed video of the compensation:


The team is succeeding

I never get into a company without getting under the right leadership. I believe that a leader can make you or break you when it comes to being in business. Duplication is important and I don’t want to duplicate a bad organization.

To help others get a way out of the usual job

This is a great business for young people, especially college students. They spend lots of time on the internet. I feel that they should be making money while they are surfing. This can also eliminate the need of searching for employment. I don’t believe in tiny checks anymore.

Join me!

You will be under some great leadership. You will also be given a marketing system, website and training to get you started. It’s only $40 to get started! To join me on this journey CLICK HERE!


Make it a great day!
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