Kid Retires at 19 Years Old With Empower Network

Watch 19 year old Dakota McLearn‘s testimony of Empower Network

Dakota McLearn

I was doing some training today with my Project AWOL community and I ran across a video that was very inspiring to me. It features a 19 Year Old kid named, Dakota McLearn, who retired from the workforce early with Empower Network. I saw this video and I thought that if he can do great things in this business, anyone can.

Check out Dakota McLearn as he tells his Empower Network testimony below:


As you can tell, Dakota McLearn is a very determined individual. He made up his mind that he was not going to do the usual. He decided that the struggle was over! He took a leap of faith and decided to take massive action and he got massive results. You can be just like Dakota McLearn if you apply yourself.

To get more information on how Dakota McLearn did it with Empower Network, CLICK HERE for a FREE VIDEO that explains it all!


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