Jim Carrey’s Inspirational Commencement Speech

Jim Carrey Commencement Speech

This video was powerful! People won’t agree with what is said in this video because they are used to settling in life. There’s people I know who only want security instead of freedom.

Some people won’t agree with me, but there’s no such thing as job security. Yeah, they may offer you benefits and all that other stuff. I’m not against jobs. Some people love their jobs. But, I’m tired of 98% of society telling you that you have to go to school and get a secured job.

When you start a business, people have a problem with that. But the same people that supply jobs, went and started a business. That’s why I don’t get people sometimes. Shoot, some people in my family don’t agree with what I’m doing. They think I’m crazy. SO FREAKING WHAT! But anyway, on to the video…

“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” Jim Carrey

This is what Jim said after talking about his Father wanting to be a comedian, but He was scared of financial insecurity, so he went and got an accountant job but he still got fired a little bit later anyway, just for his family to struggle for years.

Jim learned from his Dad that you might as well go after your dreams!

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