Instead Of Playing To “Not Lose.” Play to WIN!

Nowadays I notice that some people tend to live life by playing it safe. Some focus on the negative outcome than the positive outcome. I have seen people play to “not lose” than play to WIN. Check out the video below as I discuss this.

Don’t Play To “Not Lose.” Play to WIN!

Here is the transcript of the video:

Hello people. This is Jay The Analyst coming at you again. I hope you all are having a great day, a wonderful evening, or whatever time it is that you are actually watching this video. But I’m just going to cut to the chase here. I really wanted to drop a few nuggets on you, and give you some knowledge on whatever has actually been on my heart and been in my spirit this morning. It was a quote that was brought up to me, or something that just dropped into me. I’m not sure if I got it from somewhere.


Here we go. Instead of playing to “not lose.” Play to win. I’m going to say it again. Instead of playing to” not lose.” Play to win. And what do I mean by that? Pretty much people go around in life and pretty much play it safe. They’re trying to keep things from happening, for example to put it in a biblical Christian spiritual aspect usually religious teachings teach us not to sin. So people focus on not sinning. So instead of focusing on not sinning. Focus on walking with God. So when you focus on walking, with God you’re not even focused on the sin part. So basically you’re focused on the victory part, and not the actual losing part.


Another example, Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers. Let’s say it’s ten seconds left in the game, and they’re down by two points. The Lakers have the ball. Kobe, the way his mindset is set up he is not going to use the last play to play to “not lose the game. His intention is that he is going to play to win the game. So instead of trying to shoot a two-pointer. Which is just going to tie the game so that they don’t lose the game, or to keep from losing the game. Kobe’s going for the win. He’s going for a three-pointer.


But the thing about it is, is he knows the risk that if he misses this shot he is going to lose. But he knows there’s a greater reward out of all of this. He feels that whenever he hits this shot that they’re going to win the game. Because he’s playing to win. He’s not playing to not lose the game. Which reminds me of a situation where we talked about the Carolina Panthers. Their situation is they don’t know how to close out games or whatever. So what happens is it looks like they are focused on trying not to lose the game. They are not even focused on winning the game.


The thing is, is now I notice how things work out in life. We need to focus more on the victory aspect instead of play it safe in life. For example people have a plan B because they don’t want to lose anything in life. For another example, let’s say these average investors who give you this average knowledge on how to invest things. They tell you to actually versify your assets. Pretty much to make up for a loss. Invest in this stock, or invest in this stock so that this stock might make up for the losses that you may receive in another place.


How about this? How about you focus on trying to win? Warren Buffett, the reason why Warren Buffett wins so much even in investing. Because he focuses. He focuses on the winning part of the whole aspect of business. So whenever he is investing he’s like, this parts winning over here, this parts winning over here, and let me go ahead and move this money over here to where I’m going to get a better return at. Instead of having this so called back up system so I won’t lose. And that goes along with fear. That’s the reason why people play not to lose, because they’re scared.


So you need to get rid of that spirit of fear that’s holding you back from achieving all you want to achieve in life, and actually play to win. Sometimes you may fail, but the good thing is a failure is not a loss. A failure is success, because actually you learn from it. So now, when you go at it again you’re basically going to actually really win.


For example Michael Jordan, he’s taken so many shots at the end of the game to actually try to win the game. He has not hit all the shots. I admit that he has not hit all the shots. I have witnessed times where he has not hit the shot, but whenever he hits those shots the people go crazy, or if he’s playing against the home team if he’s away the crowd is mad because he hit the shot. All fours up. You saw that shot the he hit in Cleveland in, I think it was the playoffs, and you remember he was doing this. It’s a great reward trying to win. Instead of trying to “not lose.”


So with that being said I hope this helps you all out. This is Jay The Analyst, and if you’re really trying to play to win in life this is one thing I suggest you do. Click the link bellow, put your email address in, watch the video that comes up, and get in and play to win. Instead of playing to “not lose.” Thank you this is Jay The Analyst. Peace out.


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