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I was listening to an Empower Network Inner Circle audio and I ran across a few tips for increasing productivity. I was told to focus more on activities that produce income. Here are the steps I was given:

1. Identify your IPAs (Income Producing Activities)

This can be things that you do that helps to create your more money. It could be things such as:

  • Reducing expenses
  • Marketing your business
  • Posting advertisements
  • Creating new ideas
  • etc.

2. Figure out your most productive 2 hours of the day

This is completely up to you. Some people work better in the mornings. Some are better in the afternoons. There are also people who prefer to do things at night. This is a big productivity booster because it increases the effectiveness of your activities.

3. Make a To Do list

This should be high priority things that are going to explode your business or create you more money. This can be things that have been stuck on your mind that you haven’t had a chance to get to.

4. Separate the time into 60 minute blocks

This should be in 2 60 minute time blocks. During your 2 hours, you will need a stopwatch or an app on your phone to track your time. It is critical that you log out of all social media apps or networks to ensure that you’re focused. During these time blocks, you should not take any phone calls as well. Set the timer to 60 minutes and get to work! Once the 60 minutes is up, set the clock to 10 minutes. During this 10 minutes, you can check email, make phone calls, check your Facebook, get a sandwich, or whatever else you feel like doing during this time. Once the time is up, set the timer to another 60 minutes and get back to work! Once the timer goes off again, you can choose to end your day of work or you can do more if you feel that you can.

5. Do steps 3 and 4 over and over again

In order to see great results, you should be consistent with this. Try this for a whole week and watch your productivity shoot through the roof.

In this current day, it’s hard to stay focused and productive. I hope that these steps help you meet your goals and explode your business. Good day!


Make it a great day!
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