I’m Considering Purchasing a Nook HD Plus From Barnes and Noble

As a person who loves gadgets and loves to keep up with the latest technology, this Nook HD Plus has definitely caught my eye. I was close minded at first about readers because I didn’t think that they had all of the significant features like any other Android tablet has. A coworker of mine had a Nook HD Plus sitting on their desk and I decided to take a look at it. It looks just like any other Android tablet. It’s size really stuck out to me. Here are some of the features of the Nook HD Plus:

Nook HD Plus Barnes and Noble

The best in reading – now with the best Android™ apps, games, movies, music & more.

  • NEW! Over 700,000 Android apps & games on Google Play™
  • NEW! Youtube™, Google Maps™ & Gmail™
  • New! Use Chrome™ for super-fast web browsing
  • Millions of books & magazines to choose from
  • Thousands of popular movies & tv shows
  • Stunning 9″ Full HD Display

Read all features here

Why do I want to purchase the Nook HD Plus?

When it comes down to it, I really just want a tablet. I would like to have something that I can use to do business on. I also want a Nook HD Plus because of the ability to read eBooks. My job (Just Over Broke) is so strict about mobile phone use and I have my eBooks on my phone. I see many coworkers with tablets and my job seems okay with that. So the Nook HD Plus will fit my lifestyle.

Advantages of purchasing the Nook HD Plus

  • The great low price starting at $149
  • The ability to access Play Store
  • Complete business tasks
  • High fun factor

I’m still in the thinking phase about this purchase. I may just buy the Nook HD Plus from someone on Craigslist to save money. But anyway, to purchase a Nook HD Plus, you can go the Barnes and Noble website to complete your order.

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