I Visited Barnes and Noble Today To Buy A Few Books (Videos)

While out and about, I decided to visit Barnes and Noble to purchase a few books. I needed to add to my library and expand my knowledge. While shopping, I decided to shoot a few videos about some books that I do have and some books that I was thinking about buying.

It’s Saturday, so it was quite a busy day in the store. I visited Barnes and Noble’s Personal Finance and Entrepreneur section. Take a look at what Kendra and I discovered.

Jay the Analyst at Barnes and Noble (Rich Dad Poor Dad, Total Money Makeover)

I had to snoop around another section at Barnes and Noble. I found a few more books in the Self Improvement Section. Kendra even found a Bible that was in the form of a graphic novel.

Jay the Analyst at Barnes and Noble (Think & Grow Rich, Psycho Cybernetics, The Prosperity Bible)

Make it a great day!
jay the analyst and kendra foster

Jay The Analyst

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