I Used My Old AT&T Account to Make $340 From the Samsung Galaxy S4

As you all know, I also do a little work in the telecom industry. I’m always looking for creative ways to stay ahead in the industry. I saw a promotion that rocked AT&T for one week and I just had to take advantage of it. I saw an opportunity to make money legally while helping people in the process.

The AT&T Promotion

AT&T ran a promotion from June 24th through June 30th. The offer was 50% off any Smartphone. You had to be eligible for an upgrade or it had to be a brand new line of service. Even iPhones had the opportunity to be discounted. I know lots of customer took advantage of the deal and bought the Samsung Galaxy S4. I sure did!

The Plan

I realized that I had an AT&T account that my Grandmother was using. She’s not very tech savvy so she had no reason to get a smartphone. The plan was to use her upgrade, pay for the Samsung Galaxy S4, pay the upgrade fee, and resell the phone as close to the retail price as possible. I was also going to buy my grandmother a new phone as well. So everyone was going to benefit during the process.

What was done

I ended up paying my grandmother’s phone bill. This helped her out a lot and it gave her one less thing to worry about. I called her to tell her the good news. She was very happy. I also found out that she had already purchased a new phone. Good stuff! I bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 for $100 and paid the $36 upgrade fee. The phone bill was $58.

Return of Investment

This return just happened to come on the same Wednesday when I created $1029. Here are the numbers:

Samsung Galaxy S4 $100 ($106 with tax)

Phone bill $58

Upgrade fee $36

Shipping to Customer $10

Total Investment: $210

On the same day I received the phone in the mail, the Samsung Galaxy S4 sold for $550 on eBay.

Total profit: $340

I definitely banked pretty well in my phone business and my grandmother benefited during the process. I sure wish I could have kept the phone. Oh well, I will just ride my Samsung Galaxy S3 for a few more months until my business explodes. Good day people!


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