I increased my lead flow by implementing this 3 step formula…

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Over the weekend, I did an evaluation of my lead flow statistics so far this year. I recently deleted my whole list to start fresh. It was over 300 leads that I had generated during the first 9 months in my Empower Network business. I can now see a big improvement in my business.

So far this year after starting over, I have generated over 60 leads. I already see the increase in my business. Just think, it took me 9 months to generate 300 leads. It is only the first half of January and I have already generated over 60 leads.

Want to know how I did this?

Here’s the 3 Step Formula…

It’s called the 3 C’s

Create Traffic, Capture Leads, and Convert Sales.

Create Traffic

In order for people or potential customers to notice you, they have to know where to find you. Your business thrives from traffic. This blog for example, needs traffic to continue to generate leads.

How do you create traffic?

There are a few ways….

You can utilize social media to promote your blog or business. You can also use other advertising techniques such as Facebook Ads, Craigslist, solo ads, etc. I’m not going to go deep into all of this. You can learn how to create traffic in the Vision Birth Mastermind. Click here to see the system we use that teaches how to create traffic.

Capture Leads

The traffic you create needs to turn into lead flow. Wherever you’re driving your traffic to show have effective ways on getting the traffic to opt into your mailing list. You could offer them something free or something interesting in return for the email opt in.

Convert Sales

After you have capture leads into your mailing list, you should follow up with the lead with value and your offer. You can learn about email marketing that converts to sales in the 15K Formula. Click here for the course that teaches you how to convert your leads into sales.

In internet marketing, the 3 C’s are critical to your success. So if you want to increase your lead flow and turn those leads into sales, you have to implement the 3 C’s and learn how to convert those leads into sales here.

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