I feel so inspired after masterminding with my mastermind group: How Starting A Mastermind Group Has Helped Me

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I have been working on this Vision Birth Mastermind thing for some time now. I am still putting the pieces together to make sure that it is highly successful. Yesterday I was given the opportunity to engage in a mastermind session with my friend, co-worker, and business partner, Bryant Lewis of 7Lemons Design Agency. We sat down for hours discussing our businesses and how we can help each other along the way. This just gets me so excited talking about this. Even with just 2 people, a mastermind group is so powerful.

In a nutshell, Bryant and I talked about our ideas and I also showed him how he can benefit with being a part of the Vision Birth Mastermind by using his graphic and web design talents. The purpose of VBM is to help people and business achieve massive success online and in life. You can read more about the Vision Birth Mastermind by clicking here.

How Starting A Mastermind Group Has Helped Me

I am receiving support from the mastermind group

During the masterminding yesterday, I felt a sense of support. Why is that? Because I’m connected with someone who is like minded and wants to achieve the same type of success that I want to achieve.

The mastermind group fills in the areas that you are weak in

From the experience, I was able to gain more knowledge just by talking with my business partner. He knows things about business that I do now know and the same vice versa. This gives us the ability to pick each others brains and apply it into our niche.

The mastermind group gives you accountability

I just love this! I have goals set for 2014 and it is great to have someone to hold me accountable in achieving these goals. It’s very difficult to do everything by yourself. You need someone around that’s going to push you and challenge you.

Looking to join a mastermind group?

We are putting together a movement here. We are all about helping your business and life explode. Click Here to see what the Vision Birth Mastermind is all about…

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