I Created $1029 in Less Than 11 Hours Using Empower Network

On Wednesday, I was a little discouraged. My personal account was in the negative and I didn’t know how we were going to balance our budget before the next pay day. I thought about the words from my mentor. He always says, “Every problem has multiple solutions.” I decided to try an exercise from my Empower Network Inner Circle Product on how to Create Resources from Thin Air.

The Problem

I needed $887 in order to cover all business and personal expenses. The breakdown is as follows


Things like gas, food, and bills. The total needed was $407.


Things like LegalShield, Empower Network, Internet, and business phone. Total needed was $480.

That leaves a grand total of $887 needed to cover everything.

The Solution

I used the Empower Network Inner Circle Audio titled, How to Multiply Your Commissions, and Create Resources from Thin Air. I prayed to God and followed the steps and produced results. I used my talents and gifts to help create the money.

empower network inner circle create resources from thin air

The Results

Here are the numbers….

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sale  $339 profit

iPhone Repair $40 for labor

Remote Flashing $50

2 Credit Card Approvals $600

Total produced: $1029

I made the decision to come up with the money quickly. This all happened in less than 11 hours.


After an eventful Wednesday, I can just say that anything is possible if you focus and believe. My wife was very shocked at the results. Moving forward, I will continue to utilize the exercise that was given to me in the Inner Circle audio. It can definitely be applied to other things besides emergency situations. I suggest you get your hands on the Inner Circle product. As you can see, it has helped me to produce mind blowing results.

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