How To Improve Your Blog By Using These 3 Blogging Tips

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You may be new to blogging or you may have some experience in blogging. As someone who wants to get better at their craft, you maybe looking for how to improve your blog and possibly generate income online in the process. Well, you’re in the right place! These blogging tips that will help you improve your blog and teach a little how to make money blogging.

Improve your blog with these 3 blogging tips

1. Create blog content consistently

It’s great to release great blog content on a consistent basis. I recommend posting content daily. This is recommended according to the Empower Network 8 Core Commitments. This is so that you can develop a habit of blogging and your blogging skills will increase because you are working at something consistently. Posting content consistently also improves your chances of driving traffic and promoting your brand.

2. Diversify your content

Mix up the things your post to your blog. It’s great to keep your audience on it’s heels by posting different types of content. Blogging is not just writing text. You can diversify your blog content by posting the following things:


Posting videos can make drastic improvements to your blog because this gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience. This also shows your audience that there is a real person behind the blog posts. This is a critical blogging tip.

Podcasts & Audio

This is great to use for discussions, conversations and lectures. A good tool to upload your audio to is

Pictures & Infographics

People love pictures! This definitely is attractive to the person who is visual.

3. Include a compelling call to action in your blog posts

I saved this one for last because this is the big “how to make money blogging” tip. A call to action tells your reader what to do next whether it’s to post a comment or to subscribe to your email list for updates. When writing a call to action, the key is to tell your reader exactly what to do next. Here’s an example:

To learn more ways on how to improve your blog, subscribe to my email list by putting in your email on the right side of this blog post.

You can post a call to action many times in a blog post. Most call to actions are usually at the end of a blog post. Practice and apply this blogging tip and you will see more engagement on your blog.

Applying these 3 blogging tips has increased my income online and has improved my ability to help people succeed online. I’m glad that these tips will help your improve your blog.

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