How To Get Your Spouse To Support You In Your Business

How To Get Your Spouse To Support You In Your Business

Are you the ambitious entrepreneur who’s married and just don’t know how to get your spouse to support you in your business? I have been there. I tell you… When you are ambitious and your spouse is not like you, there can be a lot of clashing.

From experience, I have came from continuous daily arguments about my business, a separation in marriage to walking in agreement as a power couple. I understand how tough it can be.

I was angry most of the time because it felt like no progress was being made and I felt that it was all my wife’s fault that nothing was happening. I used to think that things would be a lot better if she wasn’t here. It took a separation to happen for me to realize that my wife is very important for my success in my business. When we reconciled and decided that we were going to make this work, things in my business starting moving.

So I figured that there are ambitious entrepreneurs out there (like you reading this post) who need help in getting their spouse to support their business. So I decided to explain 4 ways to get your spouse to support you in your business.

How To Get Your Spouse To Support You In Your Business

1. Speak Your Vision

One of the reasons why your spouse won’t support you in your business is because they don’t see the vision. If you are serious about your business, have a sit down with your spouse and show them the big picture of this business. Show them the benefits of having this business. Tell them how they are going to benefit from their support of you in your business. To be honest, they may not catch it the first time. So it’s best to keep speaking the vision until it gets into their head. With you staying persistent with this, they will see that you are very serious about becoming a success in your business.

2. Ignore The Negativity From Your Spouse And Stay Focused

Now this was a tough one for me. I payed so much attention to the criticism and negativity that my wife and I used to fight. It wasn’t until I ignored the comments and focused on succeeding in my business. Once that happened, the negativity started to fade away. I tell you this, it won’t happen overnight, but if you stay at it, you will see results!

3. Show Your Spouse The Results

Another reason why it seems that you are not getting the support you want from your spouse in your business is because you are not getting results. I was told by one of my mentors this, “The quickest way to get your spouse on board in your business is to put a check in the bank!” Work hard in your business and get results quickly. You have to start small! Show them your first sale. Show them your first lead. Explain it to them. The more you do this, the more your spouse will grow on you. Stay persistent!

4. Be Patient With The Process

Through all this, it’s not going to happen overnight. Believe me, I know! This is where your persistence kicks in. Stay the course and continue to do all the right things. You will start seeing results little by little and then one day it will kick in. Then you will get your spouse’s support for you and your business. Stay focused and continue to speak your vision and show your spouse the results in your business.

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