How To Get 30-50 Leads A Day In 5 Minutes On Craigslist!


How would you like To tap
into a website that Gives
you More than 50 billion
page views per month?

Crazy to think right?

You might have attempted to
use this site to market before…

…and you probably have spent
precise time trying to get ads
to stick.

Am I right?


That’s why we have invited
one of the TOP 100 affiliates
in our company to share with you
his NINJA Craigslist techniques!

Join us LIVE on Wednesday,
January 22nd at 8pm EST

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Chad Ockstadt has cracked the
5 minute a day formula to Craigslist
and he will be breaking down the
how do’s and dont’s of how to post
an ad on Craigslist…

…and how he is generating 30-50
leads a day from this high traffic

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~ Jay The Analyst Foster

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