I just figured out how to generate more leads on my blog with this trick…

lead generation trick

I made this change just about 2 weeks ago and this trick I has generated me a good amount of leads.

I began to notice that I was starting to get more emails indicating new email subscriptions. I logged into my GetResponse account and saw this:


generate more leads

Note: Focus only on the “jaytheanalystebook” section. I have generated 4 leads so far today and 48 leads so far for the last 2 weeks.

This is a big improvement compared to my previous lead flow. (Note: I started a new list for 2014.)

So how what is the lead generation trick?

I’m going to keep it simple. I used my GetResponse forms tool that created a “lightbox” form which I inserted into my blog to pop up. I attached a nice FREE eBook to give value in exchange for the lead. I will explain all of this in detail with another blog post with video.

So basically, you can generate more leads on your blog by simply offering the person something of value. Stay tuned for the detailed video with blog post.

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