How Shanel Cooper Sykes’s marketing funnel teaches you how to create unlimited sales on autopilot with these 5 steps…

Shanel Cooper Sykes marketing funnel

My wife showed me a goldmine when she showed me Shanel Cooper Sykesmarketing funnel with her products. Well, Kendra wasn’t showing me the marketing funnel (she doesn’t even know what one is). She was showing me the product that was offer. Kendra was very excited about the product offered.

I had to take a look at what Kendra’s hype was all about. So I looked up Shanel Cooper Sykes and noticed that she is a life coach. “The most popular life coach for women in the world.” According to her website. I tell you this, after going through her marketing funnel as a consumer, I was sold just like how my wife was sold. When making the purchase, it hit me! Shanel Cooper Sykes is creating unlimited sales on autopilot of her own product with this marketing funnel. I just wanted to show you how it teaches YOU how to create unlimited sales on autopilot.

Check out the video that walks you through her sales funnel.

How Shanel Cooper Sykes’s marketing funnel teaches you how to create unlimited sales on autopilot with these 5 steps…

Shanel Cooper Sykes uses social media to engage with her audience

This first place I was brought to was her Facebook page. I noticed that she mostly posts uplifting quotes and pictures. From time to time, I would see a links that provides value to her audience.

She directs traffic to her blog

Shanel Cooper Sykes Blog

On Shanel Cooper Sykes‘ Facebook page, I noticed that she includes links to her website or blog. When I reached her website, I saw a big banner with a picture of her and a button that says “Start Your Journey”

She gives value by telling her story and how she can help you

Shanel Cooper Sykes story

After clicking the button, I’m lead to a page that tells her story and how she has helps so many people as a life coach.

She introduces you to her product at a discounted price with BONUSES!

Shanel Cooper Sykes products

After leading with value, Shanel Cooper Sykes introduces you to the product that can help me. She also includes FREE bonuses with her product. This product is heavily discounted. After reading her story, I was lead to just buy this for my wife (she wanted it bad!).

She sends you your purchase and upsells you with a more valuable product

Shanel Cooper sykes marketing funnel

When I received my purchase in my email inbox, I noticed that she is also offering another product which brings more value. This product is sold at a higher price. I thought this was genius!

After going through Shanel Cooper Sykesmarketing funnel, it reminded me EXACTLY of what my company teaches when it comes to making sales online on autopilot. You can learn how to do this marketing strategy by clicking here and putting in your email for more information on how to make sales online on autopilot.

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