Don’t Lose Weight, Do This Instead (Video): Release Poverty From Your Life

Don't Lose Weight, Release It Prosperity Team

I enjoy studying things about the mind and how the mind works. I also enjoy personal development videos and books. I am always looking to expand my mind.

My business partner Mike was at a conference with is handy “Prosperity Journal” and he wrote down a KILLER nugget that will help you program your subconscious for the better!

Listen to this gold nugget right here now:

Don’t Lose Weight, Release It!

Click this link to see our “Prosperity Formula” & Release Poverty From Your Life!

I also wanted to do a quick shout out to our action takes in our team…

We do awesome 7 day Challenges for our “Prosperity Team”!  Here are the people who completed Last Weeks Challenge!  You all Rock!  We love our team!

  • Mary Dahl Christopherson
  • Robert Robbins
  • Lois Dickson Myers
  • Evelyn Teykaerts
  • Jessica Smith
  • Margarita Slavkova
  • Phil McGarvey
  • Janice Pullen
  • Michael Thompson
  • Todd Treharne
  • Lori Hurst
  • Phenie Charles
  • Bill Moist
  • Caroline TStar
  • Lynn Brown
  • John Logan
  • Dan Giercke
  • Sheryl Dieatrick
  • Tony Stewart
  • Sherry Parks Starnes
  • Debi Talbert
  • Met Rivers
  • Adam Waller
  • Cathy Bridges
  • Anthony Cavallaro
  • Debi Talbert
  • Trisha Barnes
  • Makima Byron

Make it a great day!
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