Do You Worry Too Much?

Do You Worry Too Much

I have found one of the best ways to fail is to worry about failing!  Interesting isn’t it?

Watch this video from my buddy Mike… He goes into a little deeper!

Do you worry too much? Praying for negative results!

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I just want to give a quick shout out to our awesome teammates who are taking action & finished last weeks 7 day challenge!  You can gain access to our challenges by joining us here!

Lori Hurst
Lynn Brown
Jessica Smith
Met Rivers
Tammie Lynne Smart
Mary Dahl Christopherson
Debi Talbert
Don Walker
Trisha Barnes
Katherine Clement
Cathy Bridges
Bill Moist
Robert Robbins
Amber Debevec
Gary Akin
Richard Fabulich
White Dove Cindy J
Tony Stewart
Rosemary Smart
Cara Revels Crittenton
Margaret Brice
Lincoln Campbell

Make it a great day!
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