Do You Feel Like You Are About To Explode?


Have you felt like you have done everything in your business but you just can’t seem to get the success you want?

I know that there are times where you just feel like giving up. At times it feels like everyone else around you is succeeding except for you. You get tired of seeing the Facebook posts. You get tired of seeing the motivational quotes. You get tired of seeing the “breakthrough training that’s going to explode your business.”

Shoot, you have even heard phrases like:

“You’re so close to your breakthrough.”

“You’re 3 feet from gold!”

“Your time is coming!”
You get tired of hearing these things because you want your breakthrough NOW! RIGHT NOW!

You may feel like you have been through a lot and it’s time for things to start looking up.

You get tired of hearing your spouse (or girlfriend/boyfriend) telling you what you should be doing.

You get tired of people asking you, “How’s business going?” and you reply “It’s going well!” You know that you are a ticking time bomb and your are tired of fronting and acting like every thing is fine and dandy.

You may have invested a lot of money into your business and you still haven’t seen a return on your investment.

You have bought all the training, went to all of the events, attended all the webinars, bought all the books and you still don’t see the success you want to see.

You have even set big goals. If you didn’t achieve that goal, you would think “maybe my goal is too big.” Then you set a small goal to see if you can hit that and you still don’t achieve the goal.

You pray to God asking for an answer and it feels like God’s not answering.

You even start to think in your mind that it’s not made for you to succeed. You have even thought that “only the special ones succeed.”

Some of you have been in this business for over a year and are still not getting the success you want.

You have even considered quitting and just settling for living a mediocre life, because it looks like the spectacular life is only for those who are special.

You get frustrated at the smallest things!

The bill collectors keep calling!

You can’t really go where you want to go because you have to conserve gas to get through the week.

You want to do cool simple things like buy an outfit from your favorite clothing store, but you don’t even have the means to doing it.

You want to throw in the towel! You hear voices in your heard telling you, “Give up! You can’t have the life you want. God didn’t pick you. Settle for your life and die!”

What do you do when it’s hard to see your breakthrough coming?

You’re tired of motivation and inspiration.

You want your breakthrough NOW! How long will it take?

Do you quit?


Do you keep going?


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