Candy Crush Saga is a Productivity Killer

Candy Crush Saga Game

Lately on Facebook, I have seen many statuses, posts, pictures, and memes about this game called, Candy Crush Saga. I have seen things about how addicting the game can be. I have seen people asking for more moves or lives just to get to the next level on the game. I was curious.

candy crush saga

I decided to download the Candy Crush Saga to see what all the fuss is about.

My first initial thought was that it was similar to the game, Bejeweled. But anyway, the game is fun. The first few levels were easy. When I started to progress in the game, that is when I started to see where the addiction could come in. I noticed that I could get carried away with the game.

I have spent a bunch of time with Candy Crush

It has come to the point that my wife has to tell me to put down the phone. I found myself at work playing the game. I have also been distracted while working on my home business. It is a time killer if you let it consume you. My tip would be to limit yourself to a time limit. Time is very important in my world.

Candy Crush Saga can kill your pockets too…

Candy Crush No More Lives

If you don’t meet the requirements to complete a level in Candy Crush, you have an option to play on or end the game. There’s a catch! If you want to play on, you have to buy more moves at $1 for 5 moves. The company that makes the game, King, is making buckets of money from people on this game. Just think about it, there are people out there who have a very competitive spirit and hate the idea of losing who will buy more moves or more lives just to get to the next level. 1 dollar seems so small at first, but that addiction takes over and next thing you know, you have spent $20 just to beat one level. That’s insane!

This Candy Crush game could be a big income generator

I have though of a marketing idea for the game. I have contacted the company to see if they would like my idea. Stay tuned for details on that!


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