About Jay The Analyst


Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Jay The Analyst!

Let me tell you my story!

Hmmm….where do I start?


I was born and raised in North Carolina. Gastonia, North Carolina to be exact. (This place is close to Charlotte, NC)

Growing up in a small city had it’s ups and downs. There were struggles and there were good times!

I was the smart kid in school. Making A’s and B’s was a lifestyle. Even though my grades were good, my social life wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. I couldn’t “be cool” and “smart” at the same time lol.

I had a thing for computers and the internet while growing up. I was always up to something online and I always wanted my own website. I always had an entrepreneur spirit. My most profitable business venture was in high school. I had CD business (this was when downloading MP3s for free was cool!). I know it was illegal, but it was profitable. I maintained my CD business into college, but business was low due to everyone on campus having the ability to download music for themselves.

I did receive a few scholarships in college. The most significant one was the Hewlett Packard Scholarship. They gave me $1500 a semester, a laptop, a PDA, a printer, and 3 paid internships with Hewlett Packard!

The internships were the best part! I was able to live in a completely different city and state (Silicon Valley, CA and Houston, TX) and get paid good money! I got too comfortable. The internships had a bunch of down time and I did no productive work. I thought that I would end up with a job with HP after college. I was looking to go up the corporate ladder and take over as CEO!

Also in college, I was exposed to a network marketing opportunity. My mindset was so small. I didn’t get in because I thought it was a pyramid scheme…lol.

But fast forward to college graduation.

I graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science. I thought that HP would hire me, but things didn’t go as planned. Even though I had a degree, I really didn’t enjoy programming, coding, and software development. So my lack of knowledge and programming experience left me unable to be qualified for a position. To be honest, I didn’t want to polish up on my skills just to do something I didn’t enjoy.

So, I took the first job that I could get! I took a job at a well-known wireless company as a call center employee. I thought that I would be out within 3 months. I was wrong! I ended up being there for over 4 years.

I was always trying to figure out a way out of this job that I hated so much. While at this place, I got into Personal Development, Business, and Personal Finance books.

I thought, “Since nobody will hire me, I will hire me!” I decided to pursue entrepreneurship!

I got married and started a few businesses. A cell phone repair and software business and a few network marketing companies. The cell phone and network marketing companies were burning me out and too time consuming.

This was when I prayed to God and asked for direction. He showed me the online business niche.

I always wanted to do something online, but just didn’t know exactly what to do!

I created this website because I’m here to help the aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners get to the next level.

There are many of you who may have a business.

Some of you just have talent…

You may be a photographer, a makeup artist, a recording artist, a network marketer, dancer, model, coach, etc.

You just want to bring the elements of your craft to the masses.

You and me both are going to come together and start living legendary!


Stay hungry my friends!

- Jay The Analyst




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