A 4 Step Formula to Success in Online Business

When pursing success in online business, the process can be tough. Some people may not know exactly what they are doing. Others are even frustrated when it comes to online business. I was listening to the Empower Hour call on Monday night and I was given a few tips on how to achieve success in online business. I hope that these tips are beneficial to you.

1. Find a Mentor and Do What They Tell You to Do

find a mentor

This is very important. You need someone to look up to. Someone who has already achieved success in online business. This person should pick you when it comes to mentoring. They should see value in spending their time pouring knowledge into you. Whenever they give you assignments or if they already have training materials, you should do exactly what they tell you to do to show them that you are worth spending time with. I know a great place where you can start with finding a mentor to help you achieve success in online business. Click HERE! Be sure to put in you email, hit SUBMIT, view the video, and get plugged in!

2. Produce Results by Any Means Neccessary


This is when you dive in to the online market business with all your might. You must produce results. You should put your head down and go to work. Even if it means blogging everyday and posting quality content. Even if it means running ad campaigns. Even if it means pulling a few late nights like I’m doing right now. You should take massive action if you are looking to achieve success in online business. If you don’t have the tools to produce results, get plugged in to a system that is going to provide you with the training to gear you for success in online business.

3. Share Your Results and Teach Others

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Whenever you achieve success in online business, you should share these results to your friends and people on social networks. Believe me, there are people watching you to see if you are succeeding. It’s good to show people that it can be done. Once you achieve the success in online business, you should teach others how to achieve the same success. This is where duplication comes in. Jesus said, “Make disciples.” People follow you and you should demonstrate a great example.

4. Highlight or Edify Other People’s Results


People like to see some proof that your online business can be a success. If you’re not achieving great success in online business, share the results of other people. You can even share results of people that are associated with you. It’s great to be a service to people and be a go giver.

Make it a great day!
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