4 Ways To Get Over Your Fear Of Success And Start Living A Successful Life Right Now

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Is the fear of success keeping you from being successful? I was brought to this subject while Kendra and I were on the road to one of her make-up appointments. I think this is a fear that many people have and it must be dealt with immediately. But anyway, my wife was talking about the way successful people are portrayed on TV and in the media. She was also concerned about how people will view us when we become successful.

After hearing how she felt about the fear of success, I just had to give her some insight on this subject. With that being said, I’m going to give you the same insight in this very blog post here so that you can get over your fear of success and start living a successful life right now!

4 Ways To Get Over Your Fear Of Success And Start Living A Successful Life Right Now

Beware of the TV and Media You Expose Yourself To

Remember the conversation my wife and I were having? She talked about how successful people are portrayed on TV and in the media. On TV, rich and successful people are mostly portrayed as evil, high & seditty, bougie, and other bad names.

What’s funny, I just watched a show a few days ago. In this show, there was a situation where a successful author visited her old neighborhood to attend a birthday party. Instead of being welcomed with open arms, she was frowned upon and she received comments like,

“I thought you were too good to hang out with our kind.”

“You too good to drink wine over ice?”

Crazy stuff! Then after attending that party, the successful author felt bad about her success and started to lower her standards so others would feel better.

This leaves me to this, media and television was designed this way to keep people at a certain social status. It was designed this way to strike fear into the person who would even think about following their dreams or being rich and successful.

This is why you should beware of what you expose yourself to on TV.

Hang around other successful people

I say this because only successful people understand other successful people. Now that I’m writing this, this may just be my opinion. But anyway, you must continue to hand around people that will challenge you to be your best YOU. Not around people that will try to pull you down just because they can’t see themselves being as successful as you.

Realize that you cannot control what people think & say about you

I say this a lot from time to time. I have learned that we are groomed to be people pleasers and to worry about what people think and say about us. I’m going to be as clear as possible about this section.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to start living your dreams and being successful in life.

As long as you got a “YES” from God, that’s all that matters. You could go along in life, trying to make sure everybody likes you and approves you. If you tried, you would put yourself under lots of stress and even if you get the approval of some people, there’s still someone who doesn’t like what you do.

The quickest way to start moving into your destiny is to not worry about what people think & say about you. You cannot control people! People are going to do what they want to do regardless of what you do. The only person you can control is YOU.

Just start being successful now

Now that you are informed on how to get over the fear of success, just start living your successful life right now. Release the chains of bondage. Go after your dreams! If there’s something on your heart that you have been wanting to pursue. Go after it! Don’t let the fear of success or anyone stop you. Start being successful now!

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