3 Books That Changed My Mindset About My JOB

As of this month, I first started working at my current place of employment 4 years ago. I have been through quite a few ups and downs with the company. I never thought that I would be with the company so long. My initial plan was to be out within 3 months and go into my field of Computer Science. I got a little distracted with life and things did not go as planned. Along the way, I ran into a few books that changed my whole mindset about my job or having a job. I’m going to give you a quick rundown on three of them. Here it goes…

The Richest Man Who Ever Lived: King Solomon’s Secrets to Success Wealth and Happiness

The Richest Man Who Ever Lived


This book was laid on my desk by one of my business partners. What caught my attention of course was the title. King Solomon is one of my favorite people besides Jesus to study in the Bible. He was a man with so much wisdom. He was also a financial genius. This book talked about the Proverbs he wrote and interpreted the writings into a practical sense which gave me strategies on how to live life with wisdom. This book also helped to spark my study of the Bible. It was a great read. I do go back and review the book from time to time to freshen up.

Think & Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich Book


You cannot talk about business or success books without mentioning the all time classic, Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. This book has been revised many times. I remember when this book was given to me. I was so blown away. It helped me to see how powerful the mind is and how it can be used to make big achievements in life. I have realized that all actions start with a thought. Think & Grow Rich will be a bestseller for more and more years to come.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad Kiyoaski


One of my favorite books by my favorite author, Robert Kiyosaki. Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great start for someone who is pursuing entrepreneurship. This book warped my mind big time! I learned a lot of things about jobs, assets, and business. Even though Rich Dad Poor Dad is not a “how to” book, it is definitely a great start for someone looking to shift their mindset. Don’t hesitate to go to the book store to pick this one up. It will change your life!

Reading is Fundamental

Growing up, I used to ignore that statement. I thought reading was boring. I was definitely deceiving myself. Most of the most valuable things are hidden in a book. I hope that this blog post will help you grow personally and I also hope that it expands your mind. Let’s make it happen!


Make it a great day!
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