2 Ways To Make Money As An Internet Marketer

ways to make money in internet marketing

Internet marketing is a very open niche to be in. In my year of experience as an internet marketer, it has been quite a learning experience and I wouldn’t take it back.

When I first started my Internet Marketing career, I thought it was all about selling products to make money. It wasn’t until a week ago when I realized that there are other ways to make money as an Internet Marketer. In this post, I will give you 2 ways to make money as an Internet Marketer so that you can start building a successful business online.

2 Ways To Make Money As An Internet Marketer

Sell Products You Believe In

One way to make money as an Internet Marketer is to sell products that you believe in. I say this because I see lots of people online who are promoting stuff they don’t use or believe in. If you don’t believe in the product, you can’t sell it. What happens is you are putting yourself in the mindset of selling a crappy product. When you believe that you are selling a crappy product, not many people are going to buy your crappy product. So it is highly critical that you sell something that you do believe in.

You could be the fitness trainer who just happens to be a distributor for a nutrition supplement company. You believe in your product because you actually use the product and are getting results from the product. That’s just an example.

Maybe you specialize in selling information products that teach people how to make money online like me. The sky is the limit!

Offer Your Services

This one didn’t hit me until I was at a networking event last week. I was connecting with a few entrepreneurs and I realized that many of them do not know how to get their business online in front of a mass audience. You can offer consulting services that help businesses get in position to succeed online. You can charge them a monthly fee to consult and to handle the marketing for them. This can put big dollars in your pocket especially if you really value what you are doing.


As long as you are focusing on helping people with your product or service, you can never go wrong. In fact, money will stay in your pocket because you are a “Go Giver.” So expand your mind and utilized these ways to make money as an Internet Marketer.


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