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Get On The Grind!

What up Weird Ones! I was hanging out at the beach and I was inspired to shoot this video… Many of us have things we want to do or we have things that we were supposed to do, but you haven’t gotten around to getting things done! It’s time to work and... read more

Living An Epic Life

What up Weird Ones! Jay The Analyst here droppin some new heat! In this video, I talk about living an Epic Life! There’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours… I give 4 things you must do to accomplish this. Watch and be inspired! - Jay... read more

This is my confession…

I can’t believe that I’m finally writing this… I’m a private person when it comes down to things like this. I must admit, it was pretty tough staying quiet about it. This year has been something. I tell you, there were many ups and downs. One thing that was really... read more

The Announcement

It’s been a long time coming… If you haven’t noticed, I left the Network Marketing niche to do something much bigger. In this video I reveal my new company and what’s to come. Enjoy! Get on the list: http://ThatsDope.Agency Follow on IG:... read more

About Me

Let me tell you my story!

Hmmm….where do I start?


I was born and raised in North Carolina. Gastonia, North Carolina to be exact. (This place is close to Charlotte, NC)

Growing up in a small city had it’s ups and downs. There were struggles and there were good times!

I was the smart kid in school. Making A’s and B’s was a lifestyle. Even though my grades were good, my social life wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. I couldn’t “be cool” and “smart” at the same time lol.

I had a thing for computers and the internet while growing up. I was always up to something online and I always wanted my own website.

I always had an entrepreneur spirit.

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